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Afrika Capetown 12x12 and 6x6 charlstone White 3x36 jewel petrolio 18x18 boardwalk atlantic city 8x48 galaxy nero 18x18 fossil blu 20x20 urban wood oak 6x36 materie bruciate 12x12 vatican michelangelo

Afrika Series

Afrika Capetown 12x12

Charleston Series

Charleston White 3x36

Jewel Series

Jewel Petrolio 18x18

Boardwalk Wood Series

Boardwalk Atlantic City 8x48

Galaxy Series

Galaxy Nero 18x18

Fossil Series

Fossil Blu 20x20

Urban Wood Series

Urban Wood Oak 6x36

Materie Series

Materie Bruciate 12x12

Vatican Series

Vatican Michelangelo 10x20

Galaxy Nero boardwalk atlantic city 6x24 Materie Bruciate Fossil Blu
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Metro Slate Series


Manufactured by Florim USA


metro slate by florim metro slate by florim


Luna Park

metro slate luna park 18x18 12x12 6x6

18 x 18

Silver Lake

metro slate silverlake 18x18 12x12 6x6

18 x 18


metro slate tribeca 18x18 12x12 6x6

18 x 18

Urban Jungle

metro slate urban jungle 18x18 12x12 6x6

18 x 18

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